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Yarnworks is the new online shop for artisan yarns, the small, specialist, independent dyeing company based in Hereford, capital city of the Marches lands of England & Wales.

dye luxurious yarns with plant dyes and organic plant extracts. With over 30 years of dyeing expertise – 3 years commercially – they still delight in the richness and variety of the complex colours produced by natural dyes. Artisan Yarn’s customers have been equally delighted describing the yarns as “delicious”, “scrumptious” and “wonderful, wonderful!”.

The precious yarns are kettle dyed in very small batches, which means that there are subtle variations within each batch and between batches. Colours are influenced by the weather, the water and where they are grown.

As these precious yarns vary from dye bath to dye bath try to buy enough for a project at a time. Wash the yarns by hand, using a dish washing liquid to preserve the lustre; give them a brief spin and dry flat.